We are a dedicated plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company in Livingston, NJ. We believe that your home or business should run smoothly. After all, a properly working home leads to a more pleasant and stress-free life. With Rite Rate, we will strive to have your HVAC and plumbing always working top notch.

What does our company offer?


When it comes to plumbing, we’ve got you covered. Our highly qualified plumbing services include drain and sewage cleaning for sinks, showers, tubs, and outdoor drains. We also offer pipe inspections, water damage and flood assistance, and various other plumbing related services.


Another specialty of ours is our highly trusted heating repair in Livingston, NJ. Whether it’s an install or repair, our services are available for you. Our technicians are experienced in working with hot water heaters, packaged heat pumps, central heating, furnaces, and much more.


Do you need a reliable and affordable air conditioning company? Our air conditioning services are top-notch. We offer services involving central air, air conditioning systems, AC condensers, thermostats, forced air, packaged air conditioning, and other AC maintenance, installation, or repair needs. Rite Rate is the most reliable air conditioning company in North NJ!


Our company is filled with highly skilled and qualified plumbers and technicians. We strive for customer satisfaction. While some companies will leave you waiting for days, our company offers a 24-hour emergency service. When things are not working properly, our company is there to help you out. Our emergency services will ease your stress and get your home back to working the way that it should be. Our company strives for excellence. We will spend the time that you need to get everything working properly. Whether it’s an air conditioner installation or a drain that needs fixing, we are there for you. Contact us today to request our services. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of our plumbing, air conditioning, and heating company in Livingston, NJ.


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Trusted Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Services in Livingston, NJ

Are you looking for a reliable HVAC and Plumbing contractor in Livingston, NJ? Rite Rate, Heating, and Cooling is your trusted HVAC, air conditioning, and plumbing company in Livingston, NJ. Our staff is well-trained and provides excellent service. We use advanced technology to install, repair, and maintain energy-efficient, cost-effective systems.
Residential and commercial clients require efficient HVAC, air conditioning, and plumbing services. A reliable system is needed to maintain indoor temperature and air quality during changing weather. Water, trash, and sanitation depend on efficient plumbing systems. Our services ensure a comfortable and healthy living environment in Livingston, NJ.

Best Air Conditioning Services in Livingston, NJ

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling knows how vital a relaxed, comfortable indoor environment is in Livingston’s hot summers. Our air conditioning services in Livingston, NJ keep you and your family or employees cool in any weather.

Our specialists install a new air conditioner, repair an existing one, or maintain it for the best performance. We provide high-quality, energy-efficient, and reliable solutions to meet your demands. Rite Rate Heating and Cooling’s air conditioning services will chill your environment and help you escape the heat.

AC Installation and Repair Services

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling is your air conditioning installation and repair expert. Our skilled technicians quickly and efficiently fix your AC. We provide complete cooling system services.

We understand the necessity of a reliable and effective air conditioning system. Our company offers a variety of AC installation services to match your needs.

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling offers your system’s best products and services. We work with trusted brands to provide advanced technology and energy-efficient solutions for your home. Our experts help you find the right AC system for your needs and budget.

Our professional staff will help you from the start and assist you in making the best decisions. Our team evaluates square footage, insulation, and air quality to recommend the most energy-efficient AC system.

24/7 Emergency AC Repair in Livingston, NJ

Are you sick of hot summers, sleepless nights, and air conditioners that don’t work? Stop looking! Rite Rate, Heating and Cooling Company, is here to help you beat the heat and give you the best AC repair services in Livingston, NJ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know a broken air conditioner can get in the way of your daily life and annoy you. We work hard day and night to ensure you’re comfortable.

Central AC Services in Livingston, NJ

Rite Rate Heating & Cooling offers complete central AC installation and maintenance for all your Livingston cooling needs. Our skilled staff installs and repairs all major air conditioning systems. We provide several services to keep your AC running smoothly:

Central AC Installation

Central AC Installation from Rite Rate Heating and Cooling Company in NJ provides the comfort needed in summer. Our trained specialists offer top-notch services tailored to your needs. Rite Rate will help you through the installation process, making it easy. Our experts will evaluate your home’s cooling needs and offer the best energy-efficient central AC system for increasing the speed. Our advanced equipment and experience ensure a smooth installation.

We guarantee your cooling system’s maximum performance. We have a team of professionals whether you need to upgrade an old system or install central AC for the first time.

Central AC Repair Services

We quickly identify and diagnose the AC issues and rectify the system malfunctions. Based on the extent of damage, we carry out the replacement of defective elements or components

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling provides excellent central AC repair services in Livingston, NJ. Our cooling system services are well-known as reliable and energy-efficient to keep you cool all summer.


184 S Livingston Ave Suite 9-274

Livingston, NJ 07039

(973) 992-1009

Central AC Services in Livingston, NJ

Professional Heating Services in Livingston, NJ

We know how vital a functioning system is for year-round comfort. Our skilled HVAC experts install, repair, and maintain your systems. We optimize your temperature control and indoor air quality system with our customer service. Our top-notch services offer comfort and peace of mind; we include the following services:

Our specialists know the newest industrial procedures and can handle any project. We can install or replace your system with our HVAC installation services include:

Expert Heating System Installation

We help you choose a budget-friendly system and ensure optimum dimensions, location, and function. We seamlessly replace obsolete, inefficient, or frequently breaking HVAC systems. Our staff assesses your needs, recommends energy-efficient solutions, and carefully installs the new system.

Same day Heating System Repair

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling provides complete repair and maintenance services in Livingston, NJ. Our expert technicians quickly diagnose and fix many HVAC issues. We optimize system performance and extend its lifespan with diligent maintenance. Our primary repair and maintenance services include:

We repair and maintain your air conditioning systems to keep them working correctly. Rite Rate Heating and Cooling in Livingston, NJ, ensure comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Air Duct Cleaning and Sealing

Air duct cleaning and sealing by Rite Rate, Heating, and Cooling in Livingston, NJ, improve HVAC system performance and air quality. Our experts use innovative techniques to clean your air ducts of dust, dirt, and allergens for better air quality. You can select from our air duct cleaning and sealing services from the following:

Affordable Furnace Installation

Our skilled team installs, repairs, and maintains your furnaces in Livingston, NJ. We know how vital an efficient furnace is to keep your house warm in the winter. Our personalized approach and attention to detail maximize furnace performance and longevity.

We evaluate your heating requirements for the efficient installation of premium furnaces. We take the size and configuration specifications for optimal performance.

Cheapest Furnace Repair Service in Livingston, NJ

We follow a quick diagnosis and resolution of furnace problems. We suggest effective repairs utilizing only parts and materials. Our experts also address the issues such as inefficient heating, strange sounds, and system malfunctions. Our team is available for emergency maintenance services 24/7. Our staff provides reliable and efficient furnace installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Boiler Installation services

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling installs and repairs boilers in Livingston, NJ, to maximize heating efficiency and comfort for you. Our boiler specialists install, repair, and maintain boilers.

We provide expert evaluation and recommendations for the best system for your needs. We keep the process simple and efficient or perfect Installation and proper functioning. We understand that energy efficiency maximizes comfort and reduces operational costs.

Emergency Boiler Repair

We detect and troubleshoot the problem to suggest the best solution for your system malfunction. We offer effective and timely repairs and replace the elements and components if broken.

Our boiler experts quickly diagnose and fix difficulties. We analyze and repair problems using modern diagnostic technologies. Our team offers you a wide choice of replacement parts to promptly restore your boiler.

Water Heater Services

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling is the water heater specialist in Livingston, NJ. We know the importance of a reliable and efficient water heater in your home or company. Our trained technicians provide complete water heater services to ensure you always have hot water.

Water heater Installation and Replacement

Our technicians install and replace tankless, tank, and hybrid water heaters. We’ll help you find and install the perfect water heater for your needs and budget.

Water heater Repair and Maintenance

Our water heater professionals help. We repair leaks, limited hot water, weird noises, and pilot light issues quickly and efficiently. Our maintenance services also maximize water heater performance and durability.

Heating Service in Livingston, NJ
plumbing contractor and flawless service in livingston, NJ

Your Trusted Plumbing Contractor for Flawless Solutions in Livingston, NJ

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling provides trustworthy and efficient Livingston plumbing services. Our licensed plumbers offer high-quality plumbing solutions. We install, repair, maintain, and clean all the plumbing systems.

We recognize the value of a well-functioning plumbing system for your home or company and strive to exceed your expectations.

Our plumbing installations and repairs services include:

Reliable Plumbing Installations and Repair Services in Livingston

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling installs Livingston plumbing. Our experienced plumbers install your plumbing system efficiently and correctly. Our attention to detail and quality craft ensure that your new plumbing installations exceed the highest standards.

Plumbing Installation

We provide complete plumbing installations for new construction projects designed to meet your specific requirements.

Fixture Installations

Whether you require new faucets, sinks, toilets, or showers, our skilled plumbers manage the installation process with precision, ensuring the functionality of the new fixtures.

Water Heater Installations

We install energy-efficient tankless and tank-based water heaters and recommend the best solutions for your water heater system.

Plumbing Repairs

Rite Rate Heating & Cooling understands plumbing issues that may arise in Livingston, NJ. We offer reliable plumbing repair. We quickly diagnose and fix your plumbing issues

Pipe Repairs

We repair leaks, burst pipes, and damaged pipes. At the same time, we minimize the disturbance and optimize your plumbing system using innovative methods and tools.

Fixture Repairs

Our plumbers quickly detect and rectify fixture issues, saving you water, money, and hassle.

Leak Detection and Repair

Unnoticed water leaks cause substantial damage. Our leak detection experts quickly find and repair hidden leaks to prevent water waste.

24/7 Emergency Plumber

We also offer emergency plumber services 24/7. Our licensed plumbers respond quickly to urgent plumbing issues, minimizing damage.

Drain Cleaning Services in Livingston

We provide complete drain cleaning services in Livingston, NJ, to keep your drainage running smoothly. Our expert drain cleaners use the latest tools to unclog pipes and restore water flow. Experience the difference in Livingston drain cleaning services with Rite Rate Heating and Cooling Company.

Efficient Drain Inspection

We use specialized cameras to inspect drains thoroughly. Identification of blockage, buildup, or damage

Efficient Drain Inspection

In this technique, we use high-pressure water jets to remove clogging. Our effective pipe cleaning and removing residue and grease help you enjoy the flowy drains.

Snaking and Augering

We use specialized equipment to break up and remove obstructions. We are ideal for eliminating minor blockages and clogs from drain pipes.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

We recommend using drain cleansing solutions in an efficient manner. We use certain chemicals to dissolve the organic matter, hair, and other debris to restore correct drainage.

Faucet Repair Services for Enhancing Functionality

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling knows how important functional and attractive faucets are for your house. Our plumbers in Livingston, NJ, are equipped to replace and repair faucets for performance and style. We fix leaks, drips, and old fixtures along with the following services:

Our plumbers update your faucets to improve your home aesthetics and performance. We have many taps to meet your style and tastes. Our skilled plumbers fix tap issues like leaks and low water pressure and handle malfunctions. We employ top-quality parts and tools in the market.

Faucet Repair Services for Enhancing Functionality

Our technicians replace worn cartridges in cartridge-system faucets to restore water flow and performance. It prevents leaks and boosts performance.

24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning Services

Rite Rate Heating and Cooling offers fast, reliable drain cleaning in Livingston, NJ. Our expert plumbers provide emergency drain cleaning services since clogged drains can cause inconvenience and damage. We promptly identify and fix drain difficulties with our cutting-edge equipment, restoring correct drainage and preventing further concerns.

Our emergency drain cleaning services are available 24/7, ensuring we respond swiftly to your urgent plumbing needs.

Drain Inspection and Diagnosis

We use innovative camera inspection equipment to locate the clog for the best cleaning approach.

Hydro Jetting

High-pressure hydro jetting removes tough obstructions and restores water flow.

Snaking and Augering

Our plumbers use snaking and augering to clear minor clogs.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance and emergency drain cleaning are available from us.

Rite Rate, Heating and Cooling Company, is your trusted HVAC, air conditioning, and plumbing partner in Livingston, NJ. Our highly trained staff uses advanced technologies to ensure comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind. We provide fast, reliable installation, repair, maintenance, and emergency services. Make sure to use HVAC and plumbing effectively.

Schedule your services with Rite Rate Heating and Cooling in Livingston, NJ, today to see the difference we can make. We value your satisfaction, contact us and get your queries answered.

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