Need quality work with your plumbing in Verona, New Jersey? Are you having an issue with a leaky faucet or a toilet that won’t flush? Do you need assistance with your pesky sewage unit? Then Rite Rate is here to help! We have been in the business for many years assisting people in Verona, New Jersey and surrounding areas with their plumbing and sewage systems. Because of our impeccable work ethic and our friendly professionalism, we have been able to build up a reputation that speaks to our absolute code of putting the customers first. With years of experience in our hands, we have the knowledge needed to do any jobs that you could have.

Our technicians are fully trained and licensed to work with all plumbing and sewage unit tech and tools, and we make sure that they are constantly being trained so that they can get the jobs done correctly swiftly and with the expertise needed to make sure it won’t need to be serviced again for a long time. When you work with our plumbers, you know you’re getting the guarantee of them putting you first, so all the work done will be to your satisfaction! We work in kitchens, bathrooms, and even your sewage unit – nothing is too hard for us to accomplish.

If you’re concerned about prices, don’t be! We have great flat-rates to help you see exactly what is being done to your plumbing system and how much is going to cost – no surprise fees and no unwarranted time being used. We offer discounts and coupons to our customers and a free estimate to all who ask.

Are you having an emergency right now with your plumbing? Contact our emergency response team and someone will be at your door immediately to help assess what is wrong and help you fix it.


Verona, NJ

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